Being the pivotal Centre of nation’s cashew processing and trading industry, Kollam formerly was one of the most important trading centers. Kollam also was an important international spice trade extolled by the famous Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo at many instances. More than 30 % of the district is covered by Ashtamudi Lake that constitutes heavily to the beauty of Kerala backwaters. One can indulge in an exceedinglyexciting long hours of boat trip between the trails of Kollam and Alleppey; the trip is bound to become the best one you would ever have in your life.


In Summer, the minimum is 30*C & Maximum is 40*C
In Winter, the minimum is 22*C & Maximum is 32*C

Distance to Major cities and tourist attractions:-

• Kanyakumarri – 167 KM
• Kovalom – 76 KM
• Marari – 96 KM
• Alleppey – 83 KM
• Kumarakom – 104 KM
• Cochin – 136 KM
• Trivandrum Airport – 65 KM


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