Culturally and historically important, the heritage of Kozhikode is closely connected to the history of Kerala and the mainland India. Kozhikode was the single most important region of the coastal Malabar as the mighty seaport was used extensively to conduct trade where merchants from China, Arabia and Eastern Africa converged. Kozhikode was the place where Vasco Da Gama landed and that changed the face and history of the Indian subcontinent. Apart from the historical significance,Kozhikode is also a land where culture and art flourished.The rich tradition of hospitality and kinship can be seen even today in the households and the conducts of people.


In Summer, the minimum is 19*C & Maximum is 35*C
In Winter, the minimum is 11*C & Maximum is 32*C

Distance to Major cities and tourist attractions.

• Cochin – 205 KM
• Wayanad – 85 KM
• Bangalore – 365 KM
• Ooty – 183 KM


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